Will Writing

When it comes to writing your Will, it’s so easy to think of excuses not to do it...


You don't think of yourself as being old so it doesn't feel necessary at this stage of your life.  


The prospect of writing a Will upsets or scares you and you get stuck when thinking about who to name as your children's guardian, should anything happen to you and your partner. 


It's hard to find the time for you and your partner to make an appointment to prepare your Wills, particularly when you have young children.


It’s never too soon to prepare so that you, your family and your assets will be better protected when it matters most.


At Strong Wills, our personal and friendly approach means that the things you don’t like talking about won’t seem quite so bad after all.


By holding the meetings in the comfort of your own home, the service fits around you, so finding time is easy.


You can also rest assured that the entire process is delivered professionally and thoroughly, from the initial drafting through to the signing and witnessing of the Will.


If you need help with preparing a Will, or wish to have an old one reviewed, please get in touch via the online form or by emailing info@strongwills.co.uk to make an enquiry or arrange an appointment.

The following pages contain some points to consider when preparing your Will.

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